I think art should stand on its own. Only the museum piece gets a plaque, something to explain itself to the audience, for they might not know the history, the important context. Well, the important context is RIGHT NOW, so I can't really help you, historically speaking.

So, here's a site of my pretty pictures, for purposes of your visual stimulation.

But if you care about these things, know that my photography is all-natural, 100% home-grown, organic, non-genetically-modified, certified humane in its treatment of animals and wait-staff, and happens to be born under your preferred astrological sign.


On a technical note, though, for any photographers who like my thing, and would like their thing, to look like my thing-- there's nothing fancy.

I post-process to pull out the most striking image I can get, but I don't "touch up" or airbrush or any of that bullshit. I like to keep it in the rough, nude and raw in some way, even as I distort the image to please me.

My setup is bare-bones pro-am. I like small primes these days, on a partial-frame body. It's easy to sneak in and out of the bag.